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    我爱我作文|我爱我 英语作文

    我非常爱我自己。听了这话你们一定纳闷了吧,自己怎么会爱自己呢?告诉你吧小学作文,人生第一个爱的就是自己了。I love myself very much. Listen to this you must wonder, how can I love myself? Tell you, the first love in life is yourself.下面我就来说一说吧:我很活泼,见到叔叔或阿姨会和他们打招呼,他们就会笑眯眯地对我说,你好。Now let me say it: I\m very lively. When I see my uncle or aunt greeting them, they will smile and say hello to me.我很可爱,我的手指很细,脸又红又圆就象一个大红苹果。I\m cute. My fingers are thin and my face is red and round like a big red apple.我很喜欢帮家长做家务,洗碗、扫地、拖地、做饭。我会做西红柿炒鸡蛋、煎鸡蛋、煮肉丸子……I like to help my parents do housework, wash dishes, sweep the floor, mop the floor and cook. I can make tomatoes, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, boiled meatballs我很大胆,每次做蹦极我都要跳得很高高中语文作文素材,而且还翻跟头呢。I\m very bold. Every time I do bungee jumping, I have to jump very high and turn my head.我可爱玩了,放学后写完作业,就会跟朋友们玩,一会儿跟女生玩过家家、编花篮高中语文作文素材,一会跟男生玩活力板,告诉你,活力板我玩的可好啦!I love to play. When I finish my homework after school, I will play with my friends. I will play with girls and make flower baskets. I will play with boys on the energy board. Let me tell you, I can play the energy board very well!我还爱交朋友,在班里我的朋友可多呢。I also like to make friends. There are many friends in my class.没想到我这么优秀高中语文作文素材,如此可爱。我真爱自己!I didn\t expect that I was so good, so lovely. I love myself!
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