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    难忘的事作文|难忘的事 英语作文

    十月一日放假了,姐姐带我去大姨家。我们到了感动的事作文,大姨和大姨夫上班去了感动的事作文,只有二叔在家,我们开始吃中午饭了,在桌子上有说有笑感动的事作文,真好玩儿!我们吃完饭后小学作文,我吵着哥哥姐姐带我去河边玩,我让姐姐在河边洗衣服我和哥哥在河里网鱼虾还有螃蟹呢!我真高兴!October 1 holiday, my sister took me to aunt\s house. When we arrived, Auntie and her husband went to work. Only her uncle was at home. We began to have lunch. We talked and laughed on the table. It was so fun! After we finished eating, I quarreled with my brother and sister to take me to play by the river. I asked my sister to wash clothes by the river. My brother and I fished, fished, shrimps and crabs in the river! I\m so happy!这就是我一生中最难忘的一件事!This is the most unforgettable thing in my life!
    端午作文 小学生作文起步 超越自我作文 感动的事作文

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