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  • 话题作文

    羊爸爸和羊宝宝作文|羊爸爸和羊宝宝 英语作文

    今天漫画的启示作文,羊爸爸和羊宝宝去参加跑步比赛,一路上小羊跑得很快。最后,羊爸爸追上了小羊。到了运动场,只见小猴当裁漫画的启示作文,小羊、小狗、小猫做好了准备,小猴向着天空一打枪,动物们跑的可快了。小羊第一,小猫第二漫画的启示作文,小狗第三。Today, the father and the baby sheep went to the running competition. The little sheep ran very fast all the way. Finally, the father of the sheep catches up with the lamb. When I arrived at the playground, I saw the monkey as the referee. The lamb, the dog and the cat were ready. When the monkey shot at the sky, the animals ran fast. Lamb first, cat second, dog third.今天,小羊心里可高兴了!Today, lamb is very happy!
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